We are San Franciscans working together to reduce and prevent crime in our neighborhoods while holding public officials and the criminal justice system accountable.

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The Problem

We are not surprised to learn that FBI data says San Francisco has one of the highest property crime rates among large U.S. cities. Too many of our cars have been broken into, too many of our homes burglarized. While crime will always be part of city life, it feels out of control in recent years. Concerned Westside residents started this group after seeing a sharp increase of crime in what had been historically safe neighborhoods. We realize this is a citywide problem and are partnering with neighborhoods throughout San Francisco.

Our Reaction

We are unwilling to let the smashed glass on our driveways and sidewalks become the new normal. Increasing reports of home invasions in the middle of the day signal a criminal brazenness that is unnerving. Rather than cower in fear, we want to be proactive to reduce and prevent crime in our neighborhoods.


Our Target

As regular citizens, we depend on our public officials and the criminal justice system to keep us safe. But we must hold our politicians, police officers, prosecutors and judges accountable. The system only works if everyone does their job.

Top-notch police work is wasted if the district attorney doesn’t pursue a case. The best prosecution doesn’t matter if the judge throws out or reduces the charges. And the entire system suffers when politicians pass criminal reform laws that might be well meaning but tie the hands of law enforcement and the courts with unintended consequences.


Our Goals

Stop Crime SF gives voice and power to citizens who deserve safe neighborhoods. We are a volunteer network of residents and neighborhood associations with the following goals:

  • Build a citywide network of citizens who share the concerns of rising crime.
  • Expand our court-watch program to monitor the progress of trials, gather data on the outcome in courtrooms and better know our elected judges.
  • Advocate for the resources needed to improve criminal justice outcomes.
  • Work with police and prosecutors to follow cases.
  • Support creation of a transparent and user-friendly online database that tracks crimes and criminals from the initial police report to arrest, conviction, jail time and probation.
  • Attend and speak at public hearings to make our presence known.
  • Apply for grants that neighborhood groups can use for crime prevention measures.
  • Propose and help pass legislation aimed at reducing crime.

Our Approach

To achieve these goals, it is important to note that we are not vigilantes. We do not take the law into our own hands. We do not tolerate racial profiling. We do not subscribe to a “lock them up and throw away the key” philosophy.

As San Francisco residents, we understand the larger issues of economic displacement and inequity that contribute to crime rates. We support efforts to create jobs and opportunities that will make crime a less appealing option. We support better mental health and homeless services. We are compassionate in our approach while working to keep the most dangerous and repeat offenders off our streets.

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