Current Projects:


1. Court Watch

Be a court watch volunteer and help ensure the San Francisco judicial system takes crime seriously. Join us in court to monitor the trials of defendants charged with burglaries in our neighborhoods. Learn how it works in our "Court Watch 101" blog post.

2. Tech Grant

Our group was awarded a $23k grant to pursue neighborhood crime reduction technology in District 7. Learn more about the grant in our blog post.

3. Rental Car Legislation

We helped pass two public safety laws in the fall of 2017 to prevent rental car burglary. Tourist attractions like Twin Peaks and the 16th Avenue Stairs are crime hot spots where windows of rental cars are regularly smashed — 97% of crime in a westside police precinct was due to car break-ins, and 67% of those were to rental cars. Our legislation removed advertising, prominently visible bar codes that let criminals know a car is a rental. Learn more in our blog post.