Board of Directors

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Frank Noto


Frank lives in the Golden Gate Heights neighborhood. He has been a homeowner for 30 years and works as a community organizer and researcher. Active in his neighborhood association, he heard too many stories from neighbors who suffered from automobile smash-and-grabs and home burglaries. Working with crime victims and neighborhood leaders, he helped found Stop Crime SF in 2016 to do something about it. Frank's first success was helping Westside neighbors in District 7 win a grant from City Hall to fund crime prevention tools such as security cameras and tracking devices. Frank is also heading an initiative to promote more accessible and transparent crime statistics in San Francisco — because he believes there’s some truth to the saying, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”  Frank is working with Supervisor Norman Yee on legislation to reduce rental car break-ins and the accessory crime they attract to neighborhoods. Frank is always thinking about what’s next for Stop Crime SF.


Andy Segal


Andy lives in the West Portal neighborhood and joined Stop Crime SF after the third time his car had been broken into. Having lived in in seven different San Francisco neighborhoods over the past 30 years, he had never experienced crime levels as severe as the City now faces. Working with Stop Crime SF, Andy has attended court hearings, hosted a judge candidate night, and worked to develop closer neighborhood relationships with the San Francisco Police Department and District Attorney’s office.  Andy works in the multifamily housing business and feels first-hand how crime impacts his tenants and their quality of life. "Unique in the world, San Francisco was founded by a diverse group of immigrants seeking a better life," Andy says. "That heritage lives on in today’s dynamic urban oasis and it is worth defending."

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Jen Segal

Director of Special Projects

Jen lives in the West Portal neighborhood. She raised her two children in San Francisco and has called many parts of the City home over the past 30 years: the Marina, Bernal Heights, Inner Sunset, Noe Valley and the Mission. Jen delights in the quality and variety of the urban experience. Jen owns and manages small residential buildings. She feels strongly that her tenants' lives are adversely impacted by recent increasing levels of crime, as well as a disregard for the rule of law and civility. Jen joined Stop Crime SF because she felt City Hall wasn’t effectively dealing with the crime issue or listening to residents. “Groups like Stop Crime SF are crucial for allowing citizen's voices to be heard,” Jen said. “We need to hold our public officials accountable to the health, safety and legal standards governing our quality of life in San Francisco. Stop Crime SF gives us an opportunity to make our presence felt, and forms a bridge to building greater accountability.”


Joel Engardio


Joel lives in the Lakeshore neighborhood near Stonestown Mall. Joel writes an award-winning column for the San Francisco Examiner. He also works for a firm that helps tech start-ups market their ideas and products. Joel has been a San Francisco resident for nearly two decades after growing up in the Midwest. The rise in property crime in recent years hit home for Joel when two bicycles were stolen from his garage. Since then, he has met people who had their cars and homes broken into. Nearly every day he sees smashed glass on sidewalks and curbs. Joel joined Stop Crime SF after writing about it in his Examiner column. He was impressed with the grassroots approach and the focus of regular citizens holding every part of law enforcement accountable — the police, the prosecutors, the judges and the politicians. Joel helped Stop Crime SF craft a mission statement and looks forward to growing the group.


Jane West


Jane lives in the Golden Gate Heights neighborhood. She worked with her community to beautify the area by turning a public stairway into a mosaic of artistic tiles and creating gardens on the surrounding hillsides. But what was once a safe neighborhood saw a sudden and severe surge in crime. Jane and her neighbors wondered if flaws in the judicial system were to blame. So she became a founding member of Stop Crime SF. “I volunteer with Stop Crime SF because nothing will improve if you don’t become involved,” Jane says. She lets the District Attorney’s office know which court cases Stop Crime SF wants to follow and then confirms the dates for the group's volunteer court watchers. She also gets crime updates from local police stations. While Jane is camera-shy (she’d rather display a photo of the beautiful tiled steps), she looks forward to meeting and working with new volunteers. An excellent baker, she's always ready to greet newcomers with a smile and an apple tart!