District 7 Wins Crime-Fighting Tech Grant

By Frank Noto

We’re proud to announce that Westside residents in District 7 have won a $23,000 grant to acquire surveillance and crime prevention equipment to help stop home burglaries.

The grant will help pay for cameras, motion sensors, GPS devices, security marking identification kits, signage and other tools designed to track stolen goods/vehicles and deter crime. Participating residents and businesses must then register and coordinate with the San Francisco Police Department to share camera footage of crime scenes.

Access to this technology will help citizens provide the police what they need to apprehend perpetrators and give the District Attorneys additional tools for successful prosecution. There are thousands of car smash-and-grabs and package delivery thefts every year, and now it’s spreading to home burglaries. This pilot program should help reverse the trend by making criminals think twice before striking.

The grant is from City Hall, through a process known as “participatory budgeting” sponsored by Supervisor Norman Yee.

Stop Crime SF applied for the grant in March 2017. Our proposal won the support of more District 7 voters than any other program in the history of participatory budgeting in San Francisco. The grant will be administered by an as-yet to be determined city department, in cooperation with SAFE-SF, the San Francisco Police Department and local neighborhood associations.

District 7 includes the following neighborhoods: Balboa Terrace, Clarendon Heights, Forest Hill, Forest Knolls, Golden Gate Heights, Ingleside Terraces, Inner Sunset, Laguna Honda, Lakeshore, Merced Heights, Merced Manor, Midtown Terrace, Miraloma Park, Monterey Heights, Mt. Davidson Manor, Parkmerced/SFSU, Parnassus Heights/UCSF, St. Francis Wood, Sherwood Forest, Stonestown, Sunnyside, West Portal, Westwood Highlands, Westwood Park.